Terasi, External File Templating

Hi there, I'm Terasi.

A Sketch plugin for external file templating

Terasi helps you maintain all of your symbols in a single external Sketch file, so you can reuse it at anytime in any projects. It's very useful & helps you more productive when you are working together with other designers as a team.

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Common questions on using Terasi Sketch Plugin

  • What is Sketch template means in here?

    Any Sketch files that contain with symbol collections, it's usable, and can be imported into another Sketch files.

  • How to insert symbols from a template into my current document?

    Open Terasi SKetch Plugin by pressing ⌘ + ⇧ + I buttons or choose Plugins> Terasi > Insert symbol from template menu. Then, select a template by pressing Choose Template button and all symbols will be listed in table list area. Choose one of them, then press Insert button. Selected symbol would be imported into your document Artboard.

  • Can I select multiple symbols?

    Yes, by pressing ⌘ + click or you can select them all by turned on All option

  • Some of my symbols are in red with D icon beside them, what it means?

    It means that you have duplicate symbol name in your template file. Please make sure that all of symbol MUST HAVE A UNIQUE NAME in your template file to avoid incorrect override when you run sync update!

  • I have nested symbols in my template, should I insert it one by one?

    No, just insert the parent symbol and the child symbols would be imported automatically by Terasi. It's not a magic, just codes!

  • How to show the full path of my template file?

    Just click the "template file name area" and you will see the full path of your template file, click it once again to return to previous view.

  • How to sync update if my Sketch template has some changes?

    Updating symbols with Terasi is a breeze! If you have any changes in your template file, just use ⌘ + ⇧ + U shortcut to update all symbols in your working Sketch file and it will be updated automatically.

  • I have thousand of symbols in my template file, can Terasi handle it?

    Not prettty sure! We have tested it with 500 symbols in a template file and it's running smoothly. But we suggest you to separate your symbols into some template files to maintain memory usage while using Terasi.

  • I have nested symbols imported by Terasi, but Override Options in Sketch doesn't show up?

    Suggestion 1 — Plugin's conflict! Try to turn off some plugins while using Terasi. Some plugins that conflicted with Terasi in this case so far are Sketch Measure and Runner plugins. Let us know if you found another problem!

    Suggestion 2 — Restart your working document (close and open it again), it would solve the problem

Change Logs

Some updates with Terasi Sketch Plugin

Beta - 6 Aug 2017

  • Container use-base is removed
  • Now you can choose your own template file in any folders (not tied into template.sketch file at the same folder)
  • Detect duplicate symbol names in a template file
  • Symbol names are sorted alphabetically
  • Adding search symbol functionality
  • Adding shortcut button to open template file
  • Multiple symbols selection (⌘ + click) or All
  • Symbol preview
  • Working with nested symbols (you only need to insert the parent symbol and the child symbols would be imported automatically)

25 Jul 2017

  • Bugs fixed with nested symbols

20 Jul 2017

  • Bugs fixed for Sketch 45.2

20 Jul 2017

  • First released